Frequently Asked Questions #2

About the rings

Ring making

How do you make the rings?

We use a special bent wood technique. We bend a thin piece of wood around itself to form a tight roll, bonding it with adhesive for strength. The ring is then finely sanded to the right shape and size and coated with a waterproof finish. This method makes our rings highly resistant to breaking.

Who makes the rings?

Almost all the rings are made by Vasja. Click here to see who is this guy.


Can you engrave the rings?

Yes, we can engrave the rings.

How do I buy the engraving and specify the words?

Under the size selector, you’ll see an option asking if you want engraving. Select “Yes.” A text box will appear where you can type the words you want engraved on the ring.

How long can the text be?

The text can be up to 20 characters for wooden rings and 30 characters for gold and silver rings. Unfortunately, we can’t engrave more than 20 characters on wooden rings due to the roughness of the wood grain, which can make smaller text unreadable.


How durable are your rings?

Wooden rings are surprisingly tough and won’t break easily due to our bent wood technique. However, wood is not as hard as metal, so scratches from hard and sharp objects can be more visible. To restore their smooth look, the rings may need to be re-coated and re-polished. We offer a lifetime service for touching up your ring. You can order the retouch here.

How about water resistance? Can I keep it on while I shower?

It’s best to remove the ring when it will be exposed to water for extended periods. However, for practical purposes, you can leave it on during hand rinses or showers. The ring is coated with a waterproof layer, but frequent exposure to water can shorten its lifespan since it’s still a piece of wooden jewellery.

Wood and other materials

What kind of wood is available?

We offer a wide selection of wood from various regions across Australia and other types of wood from around the world. Just scroll through our store to see the options. If you’re looking for a specific type of wood, please let us know here.

Are some types of wood more durable than others?

Yes, hardwoods are generally more durable. Rings made from Jarrah, Gidgee, Ebony, and Oak will resist everyday wear and tear better than those made from Pine, Linden, and other softwoods. We do our best to harden all wood types, so even softer woods will still last.

Can you set a gemstone into the wooden ring?

We can’t set the stone directly into the wood because it might fall out. Instead, we create a silver or gold setting to hold the stone securely. This ensures the gemstone is reliably set and won’t be lost.

Can you combine wood with gold or silver in a ring?

Yes, we can combine wood with gold or silver in a ring. This creates a unique and durable piece that blends the natural beauty of wood with the elegance of precious metals. You can choose from various designs where wood and metal are seamlessly integrated. Contact us to discuss your custom design ideas.

What types of gold are available?

You can order any ring in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. In terms of karats, you can choose from 9k, 14k, or 18k gold. Additionally, you can also opt for platinum or silver.


What dimensions are available?

We can make rings in sizes ranging from AU/UK size A (US size ½) to AU/UK size Z5 (US size 15).

How about width?

Each ring can be made between 3 mm and 8 mm in width. If you want a different width than what is shown in the photo, please contact us or leave a comment at checkout.

How do different widths look on a hand?

This photo might help.


What different colours of wooden rings are available?

We offer a wide variety of wood types. Please scroll through our selection to find the one you like.

What colour should I get?

It’s a hard choice! Usually, your first instinct is the best choice. If you still can’t decide, here are a few photos to help you compare rings side by side: photo 1, photo 2.

Is the ring I ordered going to look exactly like the one on the website?

Not exactly the same, but it will come quite close. Various factors contribute to the differences, such as your screen settings, studio lighting in the photos, and natural variations in wood tone and pattern. Each wooden ring is unique.


Reasons to order

Why order a wooden ring?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Lightweight Comfort: You’ll be surprised how light the ring feels. It gives your finger a gentle, warm hug that you’ll miss whenever it’s not on your finger.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our rings use very little wood, made from beautiful leftover veneer pieces from furniture shops that would otherwise be wasted.
  • Handcrafted Quality: If you’re tired of mass-produced items, our rings are a great choice. Each ring is handcrafted here in Australia by the owner of the store, ensuring personal care and quality.


How can I determine the correct ring size?

The most reliable way is to visit a local jeweller for professional sizing. Let them know the width of the ring you are after, especially for wider bands. Alternatively, measure a ring that fits well with a mandrel or caliper. For self-measuring, consider purchasing measuring gauges from our store or other online retailers. Still not sure how to go about measuring the finger? Contact us and we’ll help you.

Payment options

How can I pay?

You can use most major credit cards, PayPal, and some cryptocurrencies. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, this is possible if you are in Australia. If you are outside Australia, please email us first to discuss options. Click here to contact us.

Time to make a ring

How long will it take for the ring to be finished after I order?

We’ll start working on your ring as soon as possible. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to finish a wooden ring. Golden, silver, and platinum rings, especially those with gemstones, take a bit longer to make, usually about 6 weeks.

I am in a hurry. Can you do it faster?

We can certainly try! Shoot us a message here.


Shipping time

How long does standard delivery take?

If you are in Australia, standard delivery takes 2-6 business days. For other parts of the world, it usually takes 10-20 working days. Click here for more information.

How long does express delivery take?

Within Australia, express delivery will get the ring to you the next day. For international orders, it takes between 4-10 working days.

Shipping cost

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. To find out, add a ring to your cart, and you’ll see the shipping costs. Or click here.

Package tracking

Do I get a tracking number?

With most shipping options, yes. The only option without a tracking number is standard domestic (within Australia) shipping.

Free shipping

Do you offer free shipping?

All standard shipping within Australia is free. However, we strongly encourage you to choose express shipping. It does not cost much extra and offers better, more reliable service, including a tracking number, reducing the risk of lost packages.

Lost package

What do I do if the ring does not arrive?

Firstly, do not panic. If the ring has not arrived within a reasonable time, we can usually recover the package. In most cases, the postman has missed you and you did not get the notification. First, call or visit your local post office with your tracking number. They often hold the package for about 10 days for pickup. If you do not collect it within that period, they will send the ring back to us.

What if I do not have the tracking number?

You would not have a tracking number if you selected standard delivery within Australia. This is why we recommend the express option. It is more secure and reliable. If the ring has not arrived with standard post, please let us know.

I need the ring fast

I am in a real hurry! Are there any faster options?

Yes, we have courier options. Let us know you are in a hurry, and we will provide a quote for a courier service.

Customs, import taxes

I do not live in Australia. Will I have to pay any duty and taxes when receiving the ring?

Most likely not if you live in the US. Australia and the US have a free trade agreement, so most goods are not taxed. In the EU, however, you may receive a notification from the authorities asking you to pay import tax. Please check with your local authorities to understand your specific situation.


Order cancellation

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel the order within 48 hours after purchase for a full refund. After that, cancellations are discouraged as we likely have already started working on the ring. In any case you can contact us, we understand that circumstances can change quickly.

How do I cancel the order?

Just give us a call or contact us here. You can also reply to the confirmation email you received.


Can I return the purchased item?

Generally, we don\’t accept returns as all rings are custom-made. However, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will do our best to find a suitable solution. Please contact us here to discuss your issue. There may be something we can do to help.


Oh no, something is wrong with my ring! Can you fix it?

We’re sorry to hear that! Please contact us and we’ll do our best to sort it out. If possible, send us photos of the ring and a description of the issue. Our warranty policy protects your ring for up to 1 year from the day you received it. Read more about it here.

Other questions

I just received the ring, and it does not fit. Can you help?

Tell us more. Is it too small or too big? If it’s a bit too small, you can send the ring back and we might be able to resize it. It won’t cost you anything except postage. We can widen a wooden ring by removing some material from the inside, allowing us to go up about ½ size. Please contact us and we’ll find an appropriate solution.

The ring is awesome, and I want to tell you that. How can I do that?

That’s great to hear! You can leave a review by following the link in the email you might get a few days after you receive the ring, logging into our website and leaving a review there, or simply sending us an email to