Jarrah and Huon Pine,
Slim Wood Ring

USD $164

These two Australian native kinds of wood, WA Jarrah and rare Tasmanian Huon pine are contrasted together to form a bold ring. The dominant wood is a deep red and the inlay is a creamy white, symbolic of the Australian outback red earth and the light sandstone which lines the coast.

The first photo is showing the Jarrah and huon pine combination. In the second photo, you can see a ring made from a different type of wood that is slimmer and has a thinner inlay. It is showing the width and the proportions for the inlay.


  • Wood type: Jarrah
  • Width: 5 mm
  • Colour: Deep Red and creamy white
  • Make: Handcrafted to the finest quality

* The ring can be customised according to your wishes and requirements. The inlay can be slimmer or wider, more centred or off to one side. Let us know here what you want your ideal Jarrah and Huon pine ring to look like.


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Slim Wood Ring”

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