Aged Walnut and Purple Heartwood,
Men’s Wood Ring

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USD $151

This ring is made of a thin purple heartwood stripe, set against an aged walnut wood. The maroon (with deep purple undertone) against the sleek dark grey gives this ring a luxury heritage feel. It is a balanced and smooth ring that works well as a men’s wedding ring. Wood rings for men tend to be a bit wider than women’s rings.


  • Wood type: Aged walnut and Purple heartwood
  • Width: 8 mm
  • Colour: Dark grey and maroon (with deep purple undertone)
  • Make: Handcrafted to the finest quality

* Rings can be customized according to your wishes and needs. In case you don’t find a ring that suits you please contact us.


1 review for Aged Walnut and Purple Heartwood,
Men’s Wood Ring

  1. Ben Warriner

    Love my ring. Its perfect for what I had in mind and wearing wood is such a tactile pleasure. Thank you.

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