American Walnut,
Natural Jewellery Wood Ring

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USD $127

This classic ring design from Wooden Ring Store is made of 100% natural wood. This wood comes from a tree that grows in the USA – the American walnut. It is one of the most treasured and distinctive woods in the area due to its wood characteristics and also for the wood’s warm honey tones with dark inflections.


  • Wood type: American walnut
  • Width: 7 mm
  • Colour: brown-grey
  • Make: individually handcrafted to the finest quality

* Rings can be customized according to what you want. It can be wider or slimmer. Please let us know what would you like to have. Click here to contact us.


2 reviews for American Walnut,
Natural Jewellery Wood Ring

  1. Rebecca S.

    The ring is perfect and just what we were looking for! Thank you so much and my other half cant wait to be able to wear it at our wedding!

  2. Kyla

    We’re so happy with the ring! It’s beautiful

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