Ash Grey Sycamore,
Couples’ Ring Set

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USD $306

This pair of greyed Sycamore rings both feature our signature inlay designed, centred on each ring, creating structure and balance. The larger men’s ring has the dark walnut stripe, while the smaller women’s ring has the exotic red Jarrah at its heart.

For this couples’ set, we create the base of these rings by using one piece of wood split into two parts to craft each of the two rings. This way you are connected with the person who wears the other ring.


  • Wood type: Greyed Sycamore base, Dark Walnut (larger ring) and, Jarrah (smaller ring)
  • Width: 8 mm and 5 mm
  • Colour: Ashy brown base, dark-brown/almost black (larger ring), and red-brown (smaller ring)
  • Make: Bespoke and hand crafted to the finest quality

* Rings can be customised according to your wishes and needs. In case you don’t find a ring that suits you please contact us.


3 reviews for Ash Grey Sycamore,
Couples’ Ring Set

  1. Kirsty

    The process of ordering was really simple. Once the rings were made which was well within the time frame I was given, they were shipped and received very quickly. The rings are gorgeous and we exchanged them on our wedding day.

  2. Georgia

    We love our rings! My partner and I gave them to each other privately as an anniversary gift, since we have no plans on marriage but still wanted a nice reminder of our commitment. I’m not a jewellery wearer usually, but the ring is super comfortable and people have commented on our “awesome matching rings”. When I asked my partner what he thought and if he’d like to say anything he said “yeah I think they’re nice” and that is a glowing endorsement in this house!

  3. Robert W.

    I ordered both an engagement ring and wedding ring set from Vasja and he certainly did not disappoint. The rings were absolutely beautiful and high quality, and Vasja was very easy to communicate with. I did order the wedding rings very last-minute, however he made certain that the rings got to me in time. Highly recommended.

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