Unique wooden ring set made of
Ebony and Sycamore inlay

USD $306

Are you looking for a unique wooden ring set that is dark with a little contrasting colour on it? Would you like to get matching bands?


This ring set is exactly that. Ebony forms a strong and sturdy dark base of the ring where is sycamore gently livens up the surface of the ring.


It is like having dark and white chocolate all in one bite. That is the feeling when you put the rings on your finger. Smooth, soft and warm.


The Wooden Ring Store signature ring is now available as a unique wooden ring set of two rings. Add it to the cart to share the unique wooden ring matching bands with your significant other.


  • Wood type: Ebony and Sycamore
  • Width: 7 mm and 4 mm
  • Colour: Dark brown with white inlay
  • Make: Handcrafted to the finest quality
We can customise the rings for you. If you have an idea, please contact us to discuss.


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Ebony and Sycamore inlay”

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