Warranty and Returns

Wooden rings warranty against defects

We stand by the quality of our rings and offer one year warranty that covers potential defects of the rings that might happen due to crafting process. The warranty starts on the day that you receive the ring. The defect has to be assessed by us so you will have to send the ring back to the shop.

Warranty exclusions

The warranty against defects does not cover loss, changes in colouration (as wood naturally lightens over time), careless handling or improper use… In other words if you stick your finger between the door while closing it, causing the ring to break and saving your finger from massive pain – that is not covered. If you use your ring as a bottle opener – that is not covered either. We think its fair.

Wooden rings warranty against normal wear and degradation

Because we care, our rings are also covered for one year against any normal wear and tear that happens because of normal ring use. You can send the ring back and we will give it a new coat and polish. We will also patch any small cavities and scratches. This is free of charge within first year after the purchase of the ring. You only have to pay for the postage (both ways).

Making a warranty claim

Please contact us via email or fill out the form here before sending the ring back to us. You’ll need to provide a proof of purchase. After you tell us what is wrong, we’ll ask you to send the ring back to us. You will need to pay for the ring to be posted to us (one way).


All the rings are custom made specifically for you. That is why it is hard for us to accept returns. However, in case the ring you ordered does not fit or you don’t like it, please contact us.
If the ring is just a bit too small, you can send it back to us and we can resize it for free, we only charge for actual post expenses.
If it is too big or you don’t like it please let us know. We don’t like to leave our customers unhappy so we’ll do our best to understand the concern and come to a solution.