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getting engaged

A proposal, a family, and a business idea…

The concept for Wooden Ring Store came about when I was going to propose to my girlfriend at the time. I suppose the whole experience was so amazing for me that I wanted to share it with others and stay connected to that memory by continuing to make wooden rings. But I will take you back a little further to set the scene…

Ggetting egaged

I come from the green and mountainous Slovenia, and Nally is from sunny Sydney, Australia. Our story began in 2008 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where we met as backpackers. We both had secret crushes on each other until a year later, when I was travelling around Australia. We met up again and started dating. We did the romantic long distance thing for 3 years before I was thinking “How do I propose (get regular intimacy)?” and “What kind of ring do I buy?”. That’s when an idea of a wooden ring came to mind. I chose wood because it is natural, renewable, comes from the earth and returns to earth.

My dad worked in the wood industry his whole professional career and we had a lot of wood lying around the house. I picked two kinds of wood, a European ash, and Asian teak, representing our origins – where Nally’s family roots go back to Vietnam. Combining these woods to make a ring, I booked a flight to Australia, and proposed in a secluded place called “Little Marley Beach”. I didn’t know it was a nudist beach at the time, but that’s besides the point, and even though she was distracted she said “Yes!”. A year after the engagement, I made the big move to Sydney, and we got married. At the end of 2014, we became parents, to a baby girl named Ela. And lived happily ever after…

All in all, the wooden ring helped us get where we are today. That’s why we wanted to share this story and offer our beautiful wooden rings to anyone who wants a piece of high quality, hand crafted happiness. We hope that the rings we create and sell will contribute to more stories worth sharing.

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