Couples Rimu wooden rings

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The rings are lighter and have varying yellow to grey hue with more distinctive darker grey patches running through it.  The wood comes from the native New Zealand Rimu tree. It is a coniferous tree that grows old and tall. In some cases up to 60 metres and 800 years old.

The first photo is showing the raw piece of wood that will be used to make the rings. On the second photo, you can see rings made from a different type of wood and it is here to show the general shape of the rings.


  • Wood type: Rimu
  • Width: 7 mm, 5 mm
  • Colour: lighter colour with a greyish hue
  • Make: individually handcrafted to the finest quality

* Rings can be customized. Shoot us a message to tell us what kind of ring would you like to have.


1 review for Couples Rimu wooden rings

  1. Chloe

    We are very happy with our rings thank you. Vasja was very helpful and accommodating with our choice of wood, and the rings have turned out beautifully, very well made and quick to arrive. Thank you!

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