European/Australian couples rings featuring Abalone seashell

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USD $392

This is a listing for two rings.

The base of the first ring is made from Australian Jarrah (like the ring on the first photo). It has a thin European Beech inlay offset (same wood like the ring on the third photo) and on the other side a bit wider abalone seashell. Width of the ring is 8 mm.

The base of the second ring is made from European Aged Oak (second photo). It has a thin Australian Huon Pine inlay offset (similar to the inlay on the fourth photo) and like the first ring, it also has a bit wider abalone seashell on the other side of the ring. Width of the ring is 6 mm.

You can see an example of abalone shell inlay on the first photo.



  • Wooden ring base: Jarrah, European Aged Oak
  • Inlay:  Beech, Huon Pine, Abalone shell
  • Width: 8 mm, 6 mm
  • Colour: Darker toned base of both rings and lighter wood inlay with colourful abalone shell

* Rings can be customized. Shoot us a message to tell us what kind of ring would you like to have.


1 review for European/Australian couples rings featuring Abalone seashell

  1. Ailish McRedmond and Samuel Wyatt

    My wife and I ordered personalised wedding rings from the Wooden Ring Store and could not be happier with the results and craftsmanship. Vasja was very helpful in meeting our specific desire to have different timbers from our different countries and our rings have so much more meaning now.

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