Aged Walnut and Seashell,
Eco Engagement Ring
by Wooden Ring Store

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USD $157

We designed this stunning ring by putting raw materials together from land and sea which looks and feels great to wear. We used a aged dark walnut wood and set finely crushed seashell to create a beautiful inlay. The sandy white band has tiny pearly flecks, which is contrasted with black wood to make this ring striking. Suitable for occasions like Engagements or Anniversaries for everyday wear.



  • Wood type: aged walnut
  • Width: 5 mm
  • Colour: Black and sandy white inlay
  • Make: Handcrafted to the finest quality

* Rings can be customized according to your wishes and needs. We can make it wider, slimmer, offset the inlay or do something else with it. Please contact us here to tell us what is your idea of an ideal ring with seashell inlay.



1 review for Aged Walnut and Seashell,
Eco Engagement Ring
by Wooden Ring Store

  1. KAREN

    So original attention to detail. This encompassed everything that means the most to me. Trees begin with a seed..they weather storms and threats of being torn apart but with love and nurturing grow into something incredibly beautiful…Then the ocean with its ever changing tides and moods…the relaxing motion of the waves as they come into shore ..the smell that makes you breathe in life and gives you hope always. So to be given a gift made from wood and seashells is the most beautiful gift ever.

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